Creating PCB's the Easy, Fast and Cheap Way

  • 25 Feb 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • MakerPlace Metal Shop
  • 3


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Pioneer member Jeff has perfected a quick and easy method of creating low density printed circuit boards (PCBs) in either single sided or double sided formats without photo developing nor caustic chemicals. Through-hole or SMD or a mix of component types can be accommodated. After using free EagleCad software ( to lay out the board, a cheap (free) program is used to create isolation (insulating) channels around each trace. Another free program is then used to translate the isolation channels into G-code which drives the CNC mill to quickly and automatically remove some copper cladding to reveal the circuit traces. If desired, the mill will then drill out all the required holes.

This short course briefly covers using EagleCad freeware for schematic capture, board layout and creation of appropriate isolation channels using a small, single-sided sample circuit. We will then use the mill to create an associated PCB for each student. Jeff will also cover choice of appropriate mill bits and tool set up, including use of the vacuum table Jeff has fabricated.

The sample PCBs so created implement a circuit to control the brightness of a high powered LED using pulse width modulation (PWM). A complete parts list will be available for those who wish to implement the circuit.

This course does not qualify students for independent mill use but should inform the student in order to choose to take the complete BOS course. We will be using the metalworking room so please wear closed toed shoes and short sleeved tops. Those who do not have PC laptops, one can be checked out at the front desk. If you intend to bring your own laptop, it will be helpful to download EagleCad before class.

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